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Why work with us

We understand that not everyone can afford to pay out five to twenty thousand rand for a business website. Heck, sometimes even a two thousand rand can be a stretch on the budget.

So we decided to be different. We will design a professional business website for you for only R 1850 and give you one year hosting for free

We will use stock photos, page animations,  transitions, responsive designs, the latest design trends, and a bit of imaginative flair to design a great website for your business.

We will include, call to actions, WhatsApp button, social links, forms galleries and more to make your website as interactive as possible. 

If you are ready to get started, and for us to make sure your business is perfectly represented by your website we will require you to fill in our business profile form so we can get a clear picture of your business. 


 Your website 

Latest Stable Tech

With more than a third of the worlds websites build on wordpress it is by far the most stable web development and cms platform available. It allows both developors and clients access to the backend.

Brand Identity

Your website will closely follow your brand identity, and speak the same language as your business does. Your website should be a very clear and true representation of your business image and should treat clients like you will.

Web Management

Website are not set and forget entities. They need attention, and with your backend SMS you will have all the tools you need to take care of your website content. This means you are always in full control of your website 

SEO Optimisation

Search engine optimization is vitally important if you want your website to rank in the search engines. Without ranking you will not get on the front page of Google. WE will design your website with all the necessary search engine optimization strategies built into it.

Website Speed

People might be a little forgiving with site speeds that is a little slow, but the search engine penalizes you heavily for it. Running your website on our superfast SSD servers will ensure you do not have a problem with slow site loads.


Your website needs to be secure at all times. Not only can hacker attack your website and destroy all your information, but they will also use it to send out spam mails. We put proper security checks and balances and regular scans and local backups to safeguard your website

What is the process ?

  1. Click on any of the get started buttons on this page
  2. On the next page fill in the client profile form and hit submit.
  3. Once we receive the informations we will send you an invoice for the 50% deposit
  4. Make payment
  5. If you have not got one we will register your domain and email accounts, and start the backend setup.
  6. You will start sending us photo’s and content for your website and any additional layout instructions not covered in the business profile.
  7. We will design an awesome website based on your instructions.
  8. One week later we will hand over your new business website for approval
  9. Send invoice for final payment
  10. Launch your website for the world to see.

Some of our Work

Let’s Talk Money

Domain Registration:
This is an annual fee currently R120 for a .co.za domain. This goes directly to the domains registrar and needs to be paid annually. if you need another domain type contact us before making payment. This fee is included in the R 1850 for the first year.


Web hosting is a monthly fee that you pay for a service provider to host your website. We offer a super fast, very reliable and secure hosting service with 10 business emails for R 50 per month. The first year’ hosting is covered in the R 1850. 

The initial billing will be the 50% deposit of R 925. With this money we will register your domain if needed, and set up your email account if you have not already got them. Once receiving the deposit we will commence with your website backend and design. When the website is finished, the remaining 50% of R925 is due. 

Once payment is received the backend details and cms access will be forwarded to you. 

If you want extra design elements like, shopping carts, membership sites, receiving payments on your website and so on, give us a shout, we will quote you for only the extra work, the base of your website will still be Free.

Work with passion

Do you love what you do? 

We really Loooove what we do. You will see it in our work and our client service. 

We dig deep to understand your business and even a little about you, so we can design a website that will be compelling, user friendly and that will bring visitors to your business

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We would love to work with you. Give us a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality, professionalism, service and friendliness you will find.