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Why only 20 clients?

Comprehensive Service.

Because of everything we are offering in our package, we will only work with 20 clients to ensure that we can tend to all our clients and our service to you does not suffer, due to being too ambitious.

Look at what is included in the Digital Management Service we offer and you will understand why our intake MUST be limited. 


Website Design

We will design or redesign your website to ensure it is updated with the latest design trends to ensure you are current.

Website Front End

Weekly posts to your website to keep it active and relevant, also includes design changes and updates throughout the year

Website Backend

We take care of All backend updates, security scans and repairs, cache clearing, spam, local backups, repairs after updates speed tests and more.

Website SEO

We will run a SEO scan on your website and optimize the website as it stands. We will optimize images and media items and perform ongoing SEO on new content.

Social Optimization

I you do not have a Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Business page we will create  and optimize it for better results, and ensure that it is brand specific across all platforms

Visual posts

We will create weekly visual posts which we will cross post to all your social platfroms. We will also post two banner adverts per month to highlight products or special offers.

Google Business Listing

We will setup and/or optimize your Google business listing. We will also post weekly on the Google listing page, to ensure that you rank higher in the Google search algorithms  

Digital Marketig Campaign

We will research and setup the demographics for your digital marketing campaign. We will also run split tests and setup retargeting campaigns for your business.

Ad Creative Design

Your ads need service, product or offering specific ad designs. We will call in our creative flare to design ads that will stop the scroll and attract peoples attention.

Ad Campaign Management

We continuously follow the data results of your ad. Should we need to tweak remove, or completely redo the ad to ensure results we will do so promptly

Sales Funnel Research

We will meet with you every month to understand your sales strategy, and will design a funnel for the digital environment, that will resemble your sales goals.

Landing page design

In order to have a solid trackable marketing campaign that also drives conversions we will design you a high converting landing page

Drip Campaigns

For clients that do not convert on the first call to action we have a drip campaign conversion strategy to increase touchpoints.

Monthly Newsletter

We will design and send out a monthly newsletter with content you supply to continue the conversation with clients to build long term relationships.

Logo Design/Redesign

If you need a update on your logo, or if you have a logo created from a free logo design service, we will design a unique, professional logo for your business

Print Media Design

We will design two print pamphlets per month, one A4 or a bigger print ad poster per month. We’ll also design your business cards and stationary

Banner Design

We will design 2 Banner adverts per month for your social platforms, Google listings, your website and everywhere else we can post them for you. Also include email signatures

Visual Post Design

We will design 4 visual post for you per month about something that is relevant to your business at the time we create these posts.

That is a whole mouthful

We include all of these services to ensure that all aspects of your digital footprint is taken care of. This might sound like Greek to you right now, but once we’ve sat down and discussed your business needs you will understand that only Charging R 5000 per month for these services is incredible value for money, and will have a good ROI for your business.

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With over 12 year digital onboarding experience we understand what is needed in a successfull digital department

Web Design

15 years website design experience, specialising in wordpress and Divi applications

Advert Design

Print ad and banner advert design for B2B publications (5 years)

Digital Marketing

Setting up and running digital marketing campaigns for every print advert client (5 years)

Magazine Layout

5 years DTP operator for 3 publications, print copy design and flip pages design. Included newsletter design and send

Social Management

7 years experience in setting up and running social business accounts for clients


Operations management for digital onboarding. This included moving the entire business model into the cloud.

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