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Websites - The Image Of  Your Business

Websites are essential

As we move into the digital age, it is no longer an option to have a web presence, it has become an essential part of our business. Soon business will not be able to survive without it. Think about it where do people go to search for a company or for information? Everybody is now going to Google or Bing or Yahoo to go and search for information to find companies they want to do business with.

Website image

You website is the first impression of your company. It is also the look and feel of your company. But you must remember that it is also the first conversation you have with your client, and you should design your website so that your first conversation with your client, steers him towards doing business with you.

Website Function

Your website should drive your clients to take some form of action so that you can contact him again. You do not just want site visitors, you want people interacting with your website so that your sales team can call them back. Your website should reflect this in every aspect.


Why Choose us to design your website for you

Let's start with point number 9 above. Our philosophy is simple; you should not be tied down by a specific designer because they hold your site code. What happens if you cannot get hold of that designer and you want a change done quickly? No, you should have full access to your own website. You must be able to update, change and manage your website without having to request documents, HTML code or CSS files.

When your website is complete, we will give you the tools to access your website to do upgrades add new content and run your website on your own terms. For this reason, we make use of the WordPress platform. WordPress drives 35% of all websites on the Internet. It is extremely stable, and it is functional enough for the non-professional person to access and work on their own website.

Of course, if you don't want to manage your own website, we are more than happy to do that for you. This is just an option that we give our clients so that if something does happen to us - God forbid - you will be able to still have full access to your website, even if you hire another designer to take care of it.


Website Key Features In Design

We focus on all the key points necessary to make your website functional as well as beautiful. These include:

  1. SEO optimised web pages
  2. Functional design
  3. Beautiful user-friendly layout
  4. Responsive website design
  5. Must help grow your business
  6. Must  capture new leads for your sales staff
  7. Site speed must be optimal
  8. Back end code must be stable and clean
  9. CMS For client if needed
  10. Website security


Edge Website Design Service

Responsive website design

Understanding your Business model

Apart from the 10 points that must be included in every designer's repertoire, we also make sure that we understand your business model before we get into designing your website it is of utmost importance that your website is the image that you want to portray for your business. It is through your website that clients will first meet your business they will access your services and contact you from this platform. Therefore, you need your website to be fully functional and user-friendly, to ensure prospective clients stay long enough to sign up for whatever you have to offer.

Our approach

Before we design your website, we would like to know how your company functions with respect to the relationship between your business and your clients. In other words, what is the conversation you have with your client, from when you first meet them, up to the final sale? It is this conversation that will drive the design of your website. Your client should feel like they are talking with you when they land on your website.

With this type of design, your website will be functional beautiful and user-friendly to your clients. You will also be able to decide what you want your clients to do when they land on your website. Too often, designers only design for the look and feel of the website and not for the results you, as the website owner, desire from your website.

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